Your Eyes


Your eyes hold two worlds of complexities

Your reality, your insanity

Where in lies absolute brilliance

Which questions indifference of rage and brutality

Of simplicity and sincerity

Holding memories of your beings discoveries

Like an angel holds his breath

Until life binds your soul to mourned death


Your eyes speak of an innocent legacy

Fate dancing with destiny of lovers simple memory

Shying away from confused temptation

Screaming only your constant frustration


Fighting against misunderstanding and misconception

Never living, never silent, never contemplating deception

Only proclaiming the prisms truth of humanities infection


Your eyes of delicate known capture this vision heart so true

I beg that I may be within your sight

Never to be lost again, for I am your light

I will treasure all that your eyes hold dear

For my love for you is everlastingly sincere


For Peter


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